It’s almost beta time

It’s almost that time of year again when Autodesk starts up the beta programs for next years software updates. This is a great way to get a direct path of communication to Autodesk for not only providing bug reports for the current beta but your wishlist items. Usually it’s too late in the beta process to get some crazy new feature request added to the release, but if it’s a small request and you can justify the need well enough it has the possibility of making it in.

Participating in the beta program provides an early look at the new features. They do state that their is no guarantee that all the features from beta will make it into the final release, which is fair. Most new features do usually make it into the final but may not behave exactly as they did in beta.

Beta is also a great way to plan ahead for the software updates by learning the new features yourself first so that your team can hit the ground running with new features.

If you are not registered yet for the beta program, you can do so through the Autodesk customer feedback site located here:


Note: You are held under a non disclosure agreement when you participate on the beta programs which means you are not allowed to openly discussed the content of any of the beta programs with the general public.

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