Autodesk announces an “App Store” for AutoCAD

Autodesk announced today the availability of a companion apps tab within AutoCAD 2012 to make available Autodesk and 3rd party companion apps.

AutoCAD software users can immediately browse, download and purchase more than 100 apps using the new Apps tab within AutoCAD. The companion apps help design professionals find and immediately download solutions to some of their most pressing design challenges.

You can read the complete press release from Autodesk here:

Sometimes I have a feeling Autodesk is listening, like really, really listening. I tweeted this on April 27th:

An official @Autodesk App Store for all #Inventor #autocad add-ins – #InventorFeatureRequest #AutoCADFeatureRequest

So now if I think they are listening, then they will also have read my other question asking when will the app store for Inventor be available. Of course, if this happens ‘Swift Prints‘ and ‘Design Notes‘ will certainly be submitted and ‘All Thumbs‘ may also be submitted.

Thanks Autodesk! I look forward to checking out the companion apps for AutoCAD soon.

[note]I’m sure we are not supposed to call it the “App Store”[/note]


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