Part 1: @Autodesk Meet @BizSpark

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I think this could be a really good thing for Autodesk and the economy. We all know that small business and entrepreneurs have been the driving force behind jump starting the floundering economy. What Bizspark is doing for the general population of start-ups, Autodesk could be doing with manufacturing or other engineering related disciplines. Microsoft Bizspark provides a means for startups to connect with other startups, investors and mentors as well as providing access to Microsoft’s software catalog to get your business off the ground.

Autodesk can provide a similar approach to design/engineering start-ups by providing a community for these start-ups to interact with each other, with suppliers, and with Autodesk itself. By also providing access to Autodesk’s software catalog, if even for limited durations, Autodesk could jump start a start-up that needs that little helpful push to get going.

I’ll be making a series of posts around this subject. Look for them soon. If you want to share your thoughts, please post a comment to this post. You can also find me on Twitter @cadtoolbox.

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  1. I have wondered for a long time why the ADN don’t do the Bizspark thing. Microsoft already figured out that getting more apps developed on their platform would increase both its penetration and its longevity. Surely Autodesk have more reason to worry about their foothold in the market than MSFT does.

    It’s a lot cheaper (and somewhat more accessible) to start developing on the ODA platform than it is to get started with AutoCAD.

    I’m willing to be the beancounters still treating ADN like a profit center is driving more than a few people nuts inside Autodesk.

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