The Wishlists are Ready!

After working on some backend updates thanks to @tasforwp and retweeting dozens of @cadsetterout Inventor wishes… the Twitter powered wishlists are now ready for use. Here’s how they work. There are five wishlists created: Inventor, AutoCAD, Vault, AutoCAD WS and Autodesk PLM 360. To submit a wish, simply add the appropriate hashtag to your tweet. #InventorFeatureRequest for Inventor, #AutoCADFeatureRequest for AutoCAD,  #VaultFeatureRequest for Vault, #AutoCADWSFeatureRequest for AutoCAD WS and #PLM360FeatureRequest for Autodesk PLM 360. After a set amount of time they will automatically appear on our wishlist pages:

So try it out now by tweeting your wishes. You can add links to YouTube videos, upload pictures, or provide a website URL link to your tweet to provide more information as to why you want the wish implemented and how. The best part of this Twitter powered wishlist is you can post your wish from your desktop, on the road, in a meeting, at lunch or any other time the idea pops into your head. Please comment if you have any other comments or suggestions as to how I can make the new wishlists better. Thanks to all of those who have sent in wishes already (even those who’s wishes were lost during the testing phase).

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