Autodesk Design Suites – Ship Date

From what I hear from a somewhat reliable source is that the Autodesk Design Suites including the Product Design Suite will become available for download on April 14th. Not sure what this means yet as far as shipping of the USB key’s which will be replacing the DVD assortment. Most likely they will start arriving at customer sites starting on this date. If I can get any further confirmation on this date, I’ll post to Twitter at @cadtoolbox or comment on this post. At least we have a date to look forward to in April that doesn’t require a 1040 form.

Autodesk suite offerings deliver a combination of Autodesk software products to provide a comprehensive solution for specific needs. Our newest suite offerings—the design suite family—provide comprehensive workflows based on user need, interoperability, and capabilities that leverage the familiarity of Autodesk’s leading design and visualization solutions with a simpler, more cost-effective purchasing and deployment process.

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