Inventor 2012 API – What’s New?

This is really exciting news for all you developers out there. Autodesk is making the process of loading an add-in for use with Inventor a lot easier. No more complicated registration process is required. Simply create an addin file that tells Inventor where to locate your applications DLL file and then instruct Inventor on how it should load. You also will have the option of only loading the add-in on demand when it is required by the user. This will also be good news for users looking for quicker Inventor load times.

You can look forward to some updates to the add-ins for Inventor 2012 coming soon.

[gview file=””] [ Autodesk Inventor Developer Center ]

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  1. The new registration tools are really excellent, and are going to be a massive game changer. To be honest, this element has put me off distributing my code in the past.

    {Cracks Knuckles}

    Time to get coding!

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