Inventor Application Options – Standardize (Some)

Autodesk Inventor is configurable though application options. These application options store settings related to template paths, display settings, and other preferences. Inventor allows you to export your application options to a XML file that you can import to other workstations or for backup in the event that you need to reinstall Inventor for any reason.

When you export the application options, every configurable setting is exported to the XML file. You do not have any control over what gets exported and subsequently imported. If your backing up your application options or using the exported file for use with a secondary workstation, having all the options included is ideal.
However, if you want to use an exported application options file to configure a new deployment of Inventor for the first time or configure Inventor later for company standards, having all of the application options settings included may not be ideal. There is quite a few settings that are considered more of a user preference than something any company should worry about standardizing.
For example, you may want to standardize the templates path or hardware graphic settings but the background display color may be something you want each user to be allowed to customize. To allow this flexibility when you import the standard applications options, you first need to create a company standard application options export. To do this, first configure Inventors application options to how they should appear as a standard configuration and use the export button to create the XML file.

The next thing you’ll need is a good XML editor. I like to use XML Notepad from Microsoft. You can download it for free here. Once you have it installed, open the exported applications options file from within XML Notepad.

Once you open the XML file, you’ll see a tree view on the left side of XML Notepad that resembles how the application options tabs are organized. You can expand any one of these trees to see the individual stored settings. The scheme of the file is fairly easy to follow and you should be able to find the settings you want to exclude quickly.

Now you can find the settings you do not want to include in the standard application options file, right click the setting and then select ‘delete’. This will remove the selected setting from the exported file. Be sure to save the file before you exit.

Importing this file back into Inventor will now only import those settings your company wants to standardize and keep consistent. I hope you find this trick useful.

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