Macros from the past: Part 3 (AutoCAD Auto Update)

I was doing some early spring cleaning on my backup drive and found some old remnants of past AutoCAD and Inventor macros that I thought would be cool to share. I’m going to share these one per blog post. None of these are really functional anymore and some only exist as saved screenshots but it’s neat to see what’s possible with some good ole’ fashion, down and dirty coding. You can read the 1st part of this blog post series here, and 2nd part of this blog post here.

The next macro I wanted to share is the “AutoCAD Auto Update” macro. This was a really cool macro that functioned as the backbone of the AutoCAD deployment. The macro was used to synchronize the AutoCAD client for company standards, deploy updates and track usage. It worked by launching a local VBA macro upon launch of the users AutoCAD session. This local macro would then locate a network shared macro that could be customized to run different update operations such as file transfers, settings changes as well as running hotfixes or service packs.

The macro also recorded user sessions to a centralized database. This data was used to closely track software usage patterns to better identify how our designers and engineers were using the software.

I’m hoping these example macros can show what can be possible when you see a shortcoming in the base software package. AutoCAD and Inventor both make coding VBA macros very easy with well written documentation and samples. Next time, I’ll share some Inventor macros that make iProperty editing a breeze.

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