iLogic – Triggers, Rules and Templates… oh my.

iLogic is a great tool for Inventor. It allows for rules driven design that automates and standardizes functions of Inventor. These rules can control many different aspects of a model or Inventor drawing. Rules can be either stored within the individual CAD file or an external iLogic file that can be reused on multiple files. You can read more about iLogic on the Autodesk WikiHelp site.

Rules must be applied to the event triggers you want to fire them with, such as on save, iProperty change, etc. Each file you work with can be customized as to what rules apply to what triggers. You apply a rule to a trigger by clicking on the event trigger and selecting the rules you want to apply. So each file you work with would need the rules applied to each trigger you want to use. There is currently no streamlined method for applying a rule to an event by default. This makes iLogic as a tool to enforce company wide rules somewhat difficult to configure to large groups of people efficiently in its current incarnation.

A workaround is to save the rules applied to the appropriate triggers into your standard template files. Each time a new file is created using these templates, the rules will be applied correctly to the triggers and fire when desired. This doesn’t help you with existing files and doesn’t give you a good method to make future edits or additions.

The word from Autodesk so far is that iLogic, being an add-in acquired from a acquisition has not fully been integrated into Inventor yet. You can get an idea of this just in the look and feel of the dialog windows not being integrated into the look and workflow of Inventor. I’m sure we’ll see some big improvement with iLogic in the 2012 and 2013 releases. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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