If you read Garin Gardiners (@GarinGardiner) blog post “CAP IT!”, you have a good trick to edit your lowercase parts list mistakes quickly. This is good but it still falls into the “fixing someone else’s mistakes” category. Also, if you use some of the standard components from Inventor’s Content Center, you know that part descriptions and material properties are displayed as lowercase.

One method to enforce all of your CAD users to use capital letters when working in drawings is to glue there CAPS LOCK key down. If you lease your computers, you may want to try this other approach. All text entities in a drawing, such as dimensions, notes, parts lists, etc. are defined through Inventor’s style library. You can set these entities to use a specific font. Using a custom font derived from your drafting standards that does not contain lowercase letters will completely eliminate accidental lowercase entries and fix the default lowercase entries derived from Content Center.

This can be accomplished by creating a custom font and editing your style libraries to use this font. To create the font, you can use software such as FontCreator from High-Logic. Open the existing font you use within your drawings and replace all lowercase letters with its uppercase equivalent.

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Now save your all-uppercase font as a new font, like “Inventor”. Once you save it, you can copy it to your Windows Fonts folder and start using it in your Inventor style libraries. All text using this new font will always appear as uppercase, no matter how it’s entered on the drawing.

FontCreator Pro is $199 for commercial use. The free/demo version does not allow you to save your fonts. It’s well worth the $199 to enforce your CAD standards and save your company some valuable time.

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  1. Sean Dotson has reminded me that iPropWiz can also be used to CAPS iProperties. This font method works beyond iProperties to drawing notes, dimension text and parts lists. I still would recommend using iPropWiz if you don’t already use it. Well worth the investment.

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