Microsoft OneNote for iOS Review

This blog is dedicated to the Autodesk Inventor User Community. That being said, I also like to discuss any cool tools or utilities that I find that could be helpful to the average CAD user.

 I’ve been a Microsoft OneNote user for a long time now and have always been happy with how it functioned. The early versions of OneNote allowed for editing of notebooks stored on your local machine or local network only. With the introduction of OneNote 2010, notebooks could be stored online using SkyDrive from the Windows Live tools.

Microsoft has now released a mobile app for iOS devices that allows viewing and editing of these notebooks stored on Windows Live SkyDrive. Being an optimistic person, this really looked promising to me. Being able to round trip edit notes from my desktop application, the web and mobile device appeared to be the perfect solution. This is exactly what EverNote provides, but without the data restrictions they impose on the free accounts.

The app is a good start for being free. The App Store page mentions a limited time offer, so the assumption is made that when it’s improved it will be a paid app. The app is not without it’s flaws. The biggest and most dissapointing is the lack of any ability to write or draw within a note using finger gestures. It is a touch screen OS, without this the app is just a pretty notepad. It also lacks the ability to import photos already stored within your photo library. You only have the option of importing a photo you take with the camera while using the app. This prevents the ability to import exported photos from other touch to draw applications like Sketchbook or FastFinga.

The last missing feature I found to be quite annoying was the total lack of any ability to delete notes. Quite a PITA when you are testing the app and want to delete all those test notes.

If you want to try it out for yourself, the app is still free (glad I didn’t pay for it yet). Download from iTunes.

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