Autodesk University 2010 Photos @ Flickr

If you’re at AU 2010, you can add your photos to the official AU 2010 gallery on Flickr. If you’re not there, you can check out what you are missing. (This makes sitting in your cube using AU virtual so much less exciting)

[slickr-flickr id=”1588103@N22″ group=”y” type=”slideshow” api key=”f9f1e4439d8985ba128a817ff8c9974b”]

Shaan Hurley says:
This group is for posting Autodesk University 2010 Photos by attendees. All are welcome to add photos to the Flickr group as long as they are: AU 2010 related , your own photos, and suitable for all audiences. Please tag your photo and videos as aulv2010. By joining this group and uploading photos to this group, you acknowledge that Autodesk has the right to use these photos. You also acknowledge that Autodesk has reserves the right to reject or remove any photos uploaded to this group.

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