Inventor Text Editor: A Pipe Dream

I sort of already knew the answer to the question but it never hurts to try and get a second look at things from other Inventor users.

See my post here:

I’m sure other Inventor users could use this feature as well. Looking to make a custom sketched symbol within a drawing that contains a text string that would contain normal text and prompted text. The problem arises when the string length of the prompted text changes and the surrounding normal text does not move to accommodate the different spacing. This happens because you do not have the option to mix and match text or iProperty text with prompted entry text. You need to create separate text boxes for each type text you want to display.

Example: Normal Text <Prompted Entry> Normal Text

This might be useful for adding copyright text like: Copyright 2010 Widget Company

If you wanted to change the prompted entry for “year” to 2009-2010 for example, it would interfere with the company name. Seems like something that should be easy and straight forward but is not. No suggestions from the user community yet.

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