DWF on the new Apple iPad? How cool would that be?

If you haven’t read my other articles regarding my strong desire to see a non-web based DWF application for the iPhone read these:

We’ve seen at least one good application for the iPhone and iPod Touch already coming out of Autodesk. Sketch Book Pro being one of them. Now that Apple is set to release the iPad with it’s large touch sensitive screen. (If you haven’t heard about it yet you must be living in a cave without Internet access). This device or a similar non Apple tablet would be the perfect home for a DWF application like Design Review from Autodesk. A great portable device to carry with you in the field to view, markup and save back to a central location would be a step in the right direction from breaking us finally free from carrying around rolls of blueprints and red pens.

This especially would be useful with the 3G models. As well as rumors that a future software update could provide the ability to download files for use within an installed application. This is currently missing on the iPhone.

Based on the site traffic reports, I know Autodesk is reading. Let’s see if they’re listening.

Read more about the Apple iPad: http://www.apple.com/ipad/

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