DWF on the iPhone – Getting Closer

Look like we’re getting closer to having the ability to have Autodesk on your Apple iPhone. Recently, Autodesk has posted the Inventor Publisher Tech Preview on Labs which is an Inventor Fusion looking tool for creating interactive, 3D assembly documentation. Inventor Publisher allows you to import Inventor assembly files or DWF files and create exploded assemblies in a process like method and annotate as you go. From there you can export to DWF, video, PDF, PowerPoint or Word. This is all good, but wouldn’t be great if you could take these assembly instructions with you in your pocket to the shop floor or to a vendor?

This is where the pending Apple approval, iPhone app comes into play. See it in action here:


This is definitely taking things in the right direction for improved mobility for your Inventor designs. We’ve already seen the Sketchbook Mobile app for the iPhone. Who knows what else Autodesk has pending for the iPhone?


You can see Inventor Publisher in action in this YouTube video.

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