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CentralAfter careful consideration, I am making available a pre-release beta of Central for Inventor. This early release is a reduced functionality version from the full feature set. This version includes the database server for both x86 and x64 servers as well as a Inventor client installation for administering Inventors application options from a central location.

How does it work?

Install the database server on a network server. Install the client on your CAD managers workstation running Inventor 11 or greater. The first time you launch Inventor after installing Inventor, Central will prompt you to enter the server address of your Central database. From this point you can launch the Central admin tools to configure which application options you want Central to manage. All clients running Central will be configured to your standard application options each time Inventor is launched. At anytime you want to make a change, simply make your changes using the admin tools and all clients will be updated to match the new configuration.

What do I need to know about this beta?

Beta is just that, beta. Use at your own risk. This early pre-release all lacks some of the advanced features including offline capabilities and  functionality. Basically, looking for some ready, willing and able testers who would like to try it out. Please, please, please post some comments regarding your experiences so I can improve the application for launch time.

This beta is also limited to two client installs. Why would you want to install more than that for testing?

How do I get it?

Downloads have been discontinued for this add-in. Please use the contact form to inquire about this add-in. (08/02/2010)

What’s next?

There will be some rapid updates to the beta once feedback is received and bugs are discovered. Once released as non-beta the added functionality will be added in incremental updates. There is no guarantee as to what features will make it into the released versions.

Will it be free?


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Central - Pre-release beta, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Just a quick FYI. The server installation will take several minutes, especially on a x64 server. Be patient and wait for the success message at the end.

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  2. Central is only available as a download by request.
    See here: https://cadtoolbox.com/?p=1349

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  1. […] likely not going to post any future updates or enhancements for the “Central” add-in. Thanks to all of you who have downloaded the application so far and have provided […]

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