How to use Vault to annoy your coworkers

These may be some good ways to annoy your coworkers but they also should be the things your CAD administrator/drafting manager is looking at preventing. Of course, there is no rock solid way to keep all of these from occurring. The only true way to reduce them is through training, fostering a culture of responsibility and listening to those key people in your organization that are branded the subject matter experts.
So here they are, in no particular order:


• Never add a comment to a file on check-in.
• Use vague comments when checking in a file, like “Still working on it.” or “Made some changes.”
• Check out and modify content center files. (yes, it can be done)
• Always name your files as vague as possible, “Part1.ipt, Bracket.ipt, etc”
• Check in a drawing with the same filename as both a DWG and an IDW.
• Always use the comment “Initial Add To Vault” no matter what version you’re checking in “1, 2, 3… 26”.
• Never use iProperties, put as much information as you can in the filename.
• Always include the revision number in the filename.
• Add pictures of your cats, kids and family vacation to a folder called “My Stuff”
• Never use propor spelling.
• For comments, always switch from day to day usage of lowercase and UPPERCASE.
• Check in random files to the root folder, “$/”.
• Check out all child files from an assembly file, regardless of if they need to be edited or not.
• Leave a file checked out you know your coworker will need to edit while you’re on vacation.
• Use iParts as much as possible.

Do you have something that someone does in your Vault that drives you crazy? Post a comment.

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One thought on “How to use Vault to annoy your coworkers

  • September 4, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    Ha, this is a good list. I see most of these things everyday, very annoying to say the least.

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