The Facebook for CAD Nerds

I got an email from a website today asking to link to their site. I didn’t pay much attention to the website at first until I started looking around. is the Facebook for Engineers and CAD people like myself. I found it much more useful than I ever found

Engineering Exchange
The site is targeted to the engineering community as a whole but offer various groups to join that focus on specific aspects. For example, their is a group called the “Inventor Exchange” – for AutoDesk® INVENTOR® users and enthusiasts. Some of the other groups available are for AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Solidworks and Pro Engineer. It also offers various groups for different disciplines such as fluid power, sensors, motion control, and micro automation. also offers some good networking functionality, discussion forums, job boards and some great blogs to read on various subjects. Check out the site and be sure to “Friend” me. 🙂

Now, can we ask them to become the AUGI Manufacturing homepage?

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