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Swift Prints for Inventor

Swift Prints allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Inventor drawings.


Current version: 2.4
Single User License: $6.99/USD
Required: Inventor 2013+

[ Demo Video ]


[ Purchase from the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store ]

* By downloading this add-in you are automatically accepting this license agreement.

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  1. Chrisophe Saint

    This looks really efficient. If you want, I may help you to traduce it into french.
    I’m Nomutt of mCADForums.

  2. thomas.rambach

    Now available in English, French & Spanish languages.

  3. Alberto

    Are you interested to translate it in Italian?
    If so send me a message.

  4. Said

    I like your tool :)
    If you are intrested in an advanced PLOTER/Printer + publishing functionalities please take a look at our website:

  5. Troy-

    All this addin needs is be allowed to specify the quantity of the prints you want. For some of our drawings we need 4 or 5 copies, so hitting the print button 5 times gets a little tedious.

    Good tool otherwise

  6. Alberto

    Hi TJ,
    can you confirm if the application is able to work also on 64 bit OS?
    I’m trying it on Vista 64 + IV2010 (Italian) but it does not work.
    I have the icon available but it does not work.

  7. thomas.rambach

    This will work on x64 OS, XP on up. If you’re getting the icon to appear within Inventor it should work fine. What happens when you click the icon? Does anything appear?

  8. Alberto

    Hi again,
    nothing happen when I click the icon.
    Nothing appear.


  9. thomas.rambach

    Check your application event log within Windows. Does anything appear named “Swift Prints”?

  10. Alberto

    Nothing named swift prints

  11. Alberto

    Hi again,
    I did a double check on another PC (based on XP-32bit) but I got the same result.
    Is it possible that could be related to the language (we use Italian)?

  12. thomas.rambach

    The language could be an issue, but it may also be something running on your system (or not running). Also, do you have any other add-ins loaded?
    I’ll try and post a debug version for you to try.

  13. Alberto

    hi again,
    I did some other test at home and got different results:
    at home I have windows 7 and both IV2010 Italian + IV2011 beta 3 English.
    On both the application works fine.
    So the Italian language should not the key.
    I have just tryied know to disablw all the add-ins I have installed (like Assembly bonus tools, General tools and drawing tools) but it makes not difference.
    I am available for any test you want to make and remember that I’m still available to make the translation in Italian if you are interested.

  14. Kirk

    Downloaded and tried the Swift prints…. Great concept. It worked all the way up to the point to where the printer got the information. The printer complains and will not print it. It says “Paper Size and Type mismatched”. I have to manually select the paper size on the printer, then it prints it. I tried selecting several different sizes of paper and the all do this. Any clues? Thanks for your time.

  15. thomas.rambach

    What’s your computer config like? XP, Vista, Win7, x64, etc?

    What kind of printer? Have you tried it with any other type printers? Is it a local printer or network?

    1. Kirk

      This is on a Win7x64 system. The printer is a network printer. The printer model is a Ricoh MPC 4000. I have not tried it on a different printer here, but it did work on a Win7x64 systems with a local printer.


    I’ve downloaded the file and am not sure how to get th9is loaded into the add-ins so I can use it. can someone help me, I’ve never customized IV in any way. Thank in advance.

  17. thomas.rambach

    Maureen: Depending on what version of Inventor you are using will determine where the add-in icon appears. For 2009 and older it will appear on your standard toolbar. For 2010 and 2011, it will appear under your add-ins menu.
    It should look like a small printer labeled “Swift Prints”. Let me know how it works for you.

    1. MAUREEN

      TJ – I’m using IV 2010 XP -64bit, it doesn’t show up on my add-ins ribbon, and it is not shown in the manager tool either.

  18. thomas.rambach

    I’ve found Windows XP x64 can have some complexities in properly registering the add-in for Inventor to use. Make sure you have .NET 2.0 or greater installed.
    If you want to try something, open a text editor and past this text into it:

    @echo off
    C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe /codebase SwiftPrints.dll
    C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe /codebase Autodesk.Inventor.Interop.DLL

    Save it as a .bat file into the Swift Prints program folder
    C:\Program Files(x86)\Swift Prints\

    Open a command window (Start>Run>CMD) and navigate to the Swift Prints folder and run the .bat file and see what the result it. (let me know if you follow all this)

  19. thomas.rambach

    PS: Don’t wrap the text shown above at “C:\WINDOWS”. There should be 3 lines of text total.

  20. thomas.rambach

    New version is now available (1.4). Adds the ability to set the quantity of copies when printing.

  21. Dieter

    Hi, great tool but I miss a function for printing “fit to page” so I can print all my larger plans on a A4-format. Maybe in a future release . . .

  22. Mark

    Hi TJ,

    Is this app also available for WIN7-32Bit? (IV2010)

    1. thomas.rambach

      It works for WinXP,Vista and Win7 32 or x64. Inventor 11 thru 2011. Have you tried installing it?

  23. Mike

    hi Thomas, I love you’re add-in but when I try to enter a configuration the Swift Prints window isn’t large enough. I can see all the way down to the Current Sheet and All Sheets radio buttons but can’t see anything below those. I’ve tried to go to the corner and and drag/expand the window but it doesn’t give me the option.

    p.s. i’d attach a screen shot but i don’t see an option.

    thanks in advance for any help,

  24. thomas.rambach

    Hi Mike. You can upload a screen shot here:

    What’s your PC setup like? Windows version, Screen resolution, etc.

  25. Paul Munford

    Hey Thomas,

    Swiftprints seems to Install and work fine, but when I hit the button I get an ‘Object Reference was to set to an Instance of an object. Dialogue flash up… This doesn’t seem to stop Swift Prints working…

    Windows 7 Inventor 2012 (Inventor 2010 & 2011 Installed on same machine)

  26. Johan

    Then you need too translate too Swedish
    i can fix

    But English version ……is always use in sweden ….
    so it’s works find
    Good work…..

    If Autodesk have one App-Store for Inventor you will be topp 3


  27. Corlius Pretorius


    How do i launch swift print V2.0 in Inventor 2012?

  28. Casey Skelton

    Hello Thomas. I have downloaded and installed Swift Prints on a Windows 7, 64-bit machine running Inventor 2012. Swift Prints installed fine and is in the Add-ons but will not allow me to right-click on the chevron button to add a printer configuration and in the pull-down there are no printer configurations.

  29. thomas.rambach

    I did find that error to be a bug, working on a fix soon. I’ll post a tutorial for the rest of you.

  30. thomas.rambach

    Swift Prints has been updated to v2.0 b2. Download the update to fix some annoyance bugs. You can also read the quick start guide here:

  31. Johan

    I missing ……chech box fore
    “Best Fit”

    I print A2 too A3

    Good works…..Thomas….

  32. Patrick Petri

    Thomas, great app! This saves me an awful lot of clicking and is a really nice tool. One more thing that would make it even sweeter is if the program could auto-detect the size of the current sheet and match that to the printer configuration. Use the sheet size information to pre-select the printer for that size, then all you have to do is click OK to confirm.

    1. thomas.rambach

      Patrick: That functionality is already work in process. Not sure when it will be ready. Keep checking back, always looking for people willing to test it out.

      1. Patrick Petri

        I’d be more than happy to be the guinnea pig when you’re ready!

      2. Christophe Saint

        I’llbe glad to test it out. I’ve wished this functionnality on early july.

  33. Steve Nguyen

    I found this tool and it work very well. But it only setup for one print setting.
    Am I missing some thing?
    Is there a way to set couple different paper size or printer?

    Great job

    1. thomas.rambach

      See the quick start guide here:

  34. mcgyvr

    Excellent tool..
    You’re the man Thomas!!

  35. mike

    hi Thomas, I installed your add-in and followed the Quick Start guide, I filled in all the applicable stuff, printer (all my printers where there), landscape, color but I dont have the “save config” “delete config” buttons. In the absence of these I clicked save and close after printing, hit print but it didnt print. I tried a different printer and that didnt work either. Also I got a screenshot of the window without the config buttons, it that’ll help.

    IV 2011
    Intel Quad core
    Windows 7
    4 gig ram
    Nvidia Quadro FX 3700


  36. Roberto

    Hello Thomas. I have downloaded and installed Swift Prints on a Windows 7, 64-bit machine (italian language) running Inventor 2012. Swift Prints installed fine and is in the Add-ons but will not allow me to right-click on the chevron button to add a printer configuration and in the pull-down there are no printer configurations.

    1. thomas.rambach

      Hello. Can you send me a screenshot? You can use the contact form on the about page to attach the image.

  37. TAG

    Thanks a lot. This helped me end my frustration.

  38. thomas.rambach

    For those of you using Swift Prints and have the Windows text size at 125% or 150%, the truncated dialog window issue has been fixed for the next update.

  39. klaas

    do you have a solution i have the same problem to

    1. thomas.rambach

      Klaas, can you explain what issue you are having?

      1. klaas

        Downloaded and tried the Swift prints…. Great concept. It worked all the way up to the point to where the printer got the information. The printer complains and will not print it. It says “Paper Size and Type mismatched”. I have to manually select the paper size on the printer, then it prints it. I tried selecting several different sizes of paper and the all do this. Any clues? Thanks for your time.

        1. thomas.rambach

          Can you tell me what type printer, paper size, language, etc? Also, send me a screenshot. You can upload from here:

          Would you be willing to use a debug version to determine the issue?

          I have seen similar issues on very rare occasions.

  40. Mike

    I purchased and installed this app but it doesn’t show up in the Add-In Manager or anywhere else that i can find in the IV window. Shows up in the control panel and when I tried to re-install I got the option to Repair. Please advise.


    IV 2012 professional
    Windows 7 64 bit
    quadro FX4000
    8 gig ram

  41. Guido

    Just updated Inventor 2012 to SP2. Now I notice that I’m unable to Add the Swift Prints Button to the quick access toolbar. I can add any other button, except this one.

    Will there be an update to fix this, or is this caused by something else?

  42. thomas.rambach

    Have you tried resetting your ribbon menus to default and then trying to re-add the button to the quick access toolbar?

    1. Guido

      The problem has solved itself this morning. The button was invisible yesterday, but it still must have been there, because it has now magically reappeared in the quick access toolbar.

  43. Marius

    How do you set the scale to Model 1:1 and not Best fit?

    1. thomas.rambach

      Currently this isn’t an option. Do you usually print 1:1?

  44. Marius

    Yes. We print 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 @ 1:1. For some reason the setting from Inventor Print Drawing Dialog keeps coming back to Best fit and Swift Prints will print Best fit even if I set it up before to 1:1.

    1. thomas.rambach

      I’ll add that feature to the next update. That’s an easy thing to add.

  45. Marius

    Thank you

  46. Jason

    Tried printing an 11×17 ANSI B/tabloid ledger etc…it’s not printing it 1:1, for some reason it’s shrinking down the print slightly like there’s some margin issues?

  47. Jason

    I have experimented with this some more. It seems that it’s defaulting to best fit on every plotter/printer here.

    My paper sizes are correct, the orientations are coming out fine, it’s just that nothing is to scale. If something is 3″ @ a 3″ =1′-0″ scale, it’s coming in one dimension tick shy of the 3″ mark on the scale.

    I can plot any drawing straight from Inventor, 8.5×11, 11×17, 36×24 etc, at “model 1:1″, and it comes out exactly to scale. So clearly it’s not the plotter/printers.

    However, if I plot straight from Inventor and set it at “best fit” (instead of “model 1:1″) it comes out exactly the same amount off as using Swift Prints.

    Starting to think I wasted $’s really strange that no one here has brought up this issue other than one person and that was August 2012…

    1. thomas.rambach

      I’ve added 1:1 as a future enhancement but to tell you the truth, most people don’t care what scale it plots and so it has been low on the priority list. I’ve issued you a partial refund, I hope this will suffice. This will still allow you to receive the future version for free.

  48. Jason

    Fair enough, thanks. I have to admit I’m kind of stunned by
    people not caring if their drawings are to scale. I work in the
    Nuclear industry and any dimensions we don’t provide for
    production, have to be cleared with engineering evaluation
    forms…so having as many dimensions as needed so that no one HAS
    to use a scale is very important. However, if someone wanted to
    scale, to check an overall dimension for whatever reason…that
    should just be a given. One of our submittal drawings may have
    several dimensions left of for proprietary reasons or because we
    don’t want to be locked in to something that may change slightly
    down the road…but if a customer wanted to scale something to
    check a clearance or any other dimension not required, telling them
    they cant scale our drawings would go over like a lead balloon.
    Does everyone leave the scale turned off on their views then? Why
    have sheet sizes or worry about setting up borders etc if you’re
    just going to scale to fit? Why scale views using any kind of
    standardized scale at all at that point? Even if you produce
    drawings that you never want a scale being laid on I’d think you
    would want some kind of standard/constant, not just arbitrarily
    size your drawings to fit random paper sizes. I’d really be
    surprised if any type of tube and pipe application using company
    didn’t care about scale…if they’re laying out a large piping skid
    and they’re producing a general layout type drawing (not a detailed
    spool), there could be a multitude of dimensions someone would want
    to scale…

    1. thomas.rambach

      Just finished the latest update to “Swift Prints” and I squeezed the print 1:1 option as you requested in. The app is going to be submitted to Autodesk for re-certification in the next few days.

  49. Murphy Gigliotti

    Thomas; First: In principle a great idea. Thank you.
    Second: Can you put a scale factor a config so that a half size
    check print is really half size (A0 to A2, ANSI D to B) Third: Any
    odds on plot preview? Finally; (this is the big one) How do you
    turn the window off when you are done. As I write this, I keep
    clicking x in corner and it WILL NOT shut down, and thus my
    inventor is stuck. I am completely willing to assume this either a
    bug directly linked to my setup or me just missing something
    obvious, but needless to say this is way frustrating. Any help
    hugely appreciated. Cheers, M

    1. thomas.rambach

      You are welcome. The scale factor (1:1) option is a feature of the next update of Swift Prints currently in final testing and certification with Autodesk. Plot preview, doubtful ever only because the focus of Swift Prints is 1 click printing. Any extra clutter is just that, clutter. If you need to, you can always use the default print dialog with Inventor for extra steps such as previewing first.
      I’m not sure about the window not closing, this is the first time I’ve heard this with hundreds of users. I suspect you have a printer config or printer issue of some sort. Can you send me a screen shot and detailed information as to your printer config here:

  50. Murphy Gigliotti

    Thomas; Funny you should mention that. Right after posting,
    I task managered out of inventor and restarted to try and do
    exactly that and I could not reproduce the hang. What ever it was,
    it seems to have sorted itself for the moment and is working. Maybe
    just a first run thing where it hung up as it did whatever its
    initial config stuff is, beats me. Anyway, seems to be alright now.
    If it does show up again, I will let you know. Other than that one
    weirdness it is a way useful plug-in. Go you. Cheers, M

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