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Autodesk dumping the PC in favor of 100% mobile

Autodesk announced today it’s intent to completely drop all support for its PC and Mac based software and fully embrace the mobile market by only delivering the next release of products to the mobile market.

Sitting in front of a computer all day can be tedious and boring, Autodesk intends to keep up with the trend of staring at your phone all day by bringing our software solely to you phone or tablet device. This allows us to focus on specific platforms while also freeing up more time to stare at our own phones.

Along with this announcement, comes the following initial suite of products:

  • Inventor for iOS
  • AutoCAD Mobile
  • Revit for Android

Inventor for iOS comes with a cool new technology that Autodesk has developed called “shake-to-design”. You simply start with a sketch and start developing critical part features. When you hit a mental roadblock or need help finishing your design a simple shake of your phone and the design will be completed for you in the most logical method possible.

I personally can not wait to get my hands on some of these products, and look forward to being 100% mobile with all of my CAD based applications.

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Inventor 2015 – Disable Autodesk 360

Way back in 2012 I posted a request to the Inventor IdeaStation forum requesting that Autodesk provided the ability for admin’s to disable any Autodesk 360 cloud based services for Inventor. I sometimes work with an industry that is heavily regulated and openly transfering design information to cloud services would be against government regulations. This is the comment I posted…

We require the ability to disable (wiithout ability for users to bypass) all Autodesk 360 cloud features. This is a security risk for my industry and would not be allowed per government regulations.

Today I received this reply from Dan Szymanski with Autodesk…

Status: Implemented

This idea has been implemented within Autodesk Inventor 2015. Special thanks to the author of this Idea and likewise to everyone who cast your Kudo for it. Enhancements were made within the Inventor 2015 Installer so that Autodesk 360 is available as a shared component. It can be deselected to prevent its installation, or it can be installed in a disabled state, to be enabled later. Please be sure to check this out in Autodesk Inventor 2015. Thanks!

This is great news and even better is the method as to how they allow you to disable it. Thank you Autodesk!

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2015 Autodesk Launch Day Wrap-up

For the last few years I’ve been shying away from writing about “what’s new” with the latest software releases from Autodesk due to the exceptional coverage by so many other blogs. This year is no different. Jamie Ditsworth is what I call the “King of What’s New in Inventor” and as usual he has an excellent blog post covering the new features. Design & Motion is also stepped it up a notch with some excellent coverage this year.

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow my “bloggin-bot” @cadblogwatch to get all the latest blog posts wrapped up in a nice neat Twitter profile.


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