Templates: A New Starting Point

Since today is inauguration day I thought it would be appropriate to post some useful information related to a good starting point for new files from within Inventor. Consider this as a method for a new beginning in Inventor. We all know about the default templates that come with Inventor for parts, assemblies, drawings, etc. Everyone that uses Inventor takes these files and customizes them to fit their companies standards in some way. These customizations could include standard title blocks for drawings, materials and colors for parts and other such modifications.

These templates appear in the new dialog box typically as shown below.

New File

These templates are a great way to drive conformity to your drafting standards but sometimes fall short of standardizing modeling technique. One method to do this and also shorten the workflow from file creation to being productive on a new design is to create starting point template files that expand on your preset template files. For example, you can create a sketch within a part mode that has a rectangle sketch started and save it as ‘Rectangle.ipt’ within your templates folder. Most parts usually start as a rectangle or a circle as their base starting point.



This will save some valuable keystrokes which translates to cost savings. Let’s just say you can save 1 minute per file on 10 new files a day, times 10 designers. That’s 100 minutes a day saved. If they all made $20.00/hr… that translates to roughly $1,600 cost savings a year just by making a few extra templates. Of course, you may have to spend the extra $1,600/year on coffee supplies.

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Happy New Year!

It’s almost 2009… Happy New Year! Almost time to get back to normal. I’ll be posting some new content and posts to the site soon. Thanks to all who have visited and provided feedback in 2008.

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Autoproject edges during sketch creation?

Taking a poll of the Inventor user community… How many of you have the autoproject edges for sketch creation and edit turned on? I have always left it off because the majority of the time I do not want extra edges projected into my new sketch and therefore making the new feature more dependent on previous geometry.

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Inventor 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack

Autodesk is moving towards a Microsoft approach to product releases which they are calling ‘Flexible Software Delivery’. This approach will be based on two different components available after the initial product release. Product updates like they exist now will include service packs and hotfixes. They will also have available subscription bonus packs.

These bonus packs will be available to active subscription members only via the subscription website. The bonus tools will then be rolled into the following product release. This sounds like a good way to get some good feedback on new features before they are incorporated into the entire product, beyond the beta programs which has limited participation.

According to Autodesk, AutoCAD will be the first product this new software delivery model is fully available for. Following this approach, they now have available a subscription bonus pack for Inventor 2009. The bonus pack includes the following additional functionality:

  • Drawing Manager Tools

– Arrange dimensions
– Dimension Selection Filters
– Directly open a corresponding drawing right from a part or assembly
– Refreshing drawing parameters
– Balloon snap and alignment on placement
– Project geometry works like part environment
– Edit dimension upon placement

  • Part Modeling Tools

– Create parameters on the fly when dimensioning
– Specify iFeatures normal direction
– Create iFeatures from iParts
– Apply buttons on Scale and Rotate dialogs
– Simplified loft selection through right click context menu

  • Assembly Design Tools

– Bill of Material Editor
– Shift or Control for contiguous or non-contiguous selection
– Capitalization
– Find and Replace
– Cross highlight from the BOM editor and Assembly model
– Auto Save Reminder

You can read more about the new features in Autodesk’s
official Subscription Bonus Pack PDF.

I think the ability to open an associated drawing directly from the model environment will be a real time saver. Download your copy and try it out for yourself.

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