3DConnexion CAD Mouse

I love the 3DConnexion Wireless CADMouse but the universal receiver has to be no more than 3 feet [92cm] away from the mouse or else you get a very jumpy mouse cursor. I’ve tried everything to correct the issue but I found that distance matters. The Bluetooth connection option is better performance but the mouse goes to sleep and you need to shake to wake it. This gets rather annoying doing this every time you stop using the mouse for awhile.

I’m hoping we’ll see a software update to fix the few glitches. Until then, the receiver will be just a few inches away from my mouse at all times. Wireless… but truly not constraint free.

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All Thumbs

Several readers have asked about the Inventor add-in I created, All Thumbs. All Thumbs allows you to set consistent background color and visual settings for file thumbnails regardless of your application settings within Inventor. Although I wouldn’t say it’s official supported by me anymore, it does seem to work well with the latest version of Inventor. 











If you want to try it out for yourself, you can download it from here.

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Swift Prints now compatible with Inventor 2018

‘Swift Prints’ has recently been updated for compatibility with Inventor 2018. In this update, the method to which your username to Autodesk 360 is obtained to validate your Swift Prints license has been changed. The retrieval of your username was also an issue with some users and resulted in Swift Prints not working properly. Autodesk recognized the issue and have provided a more robust means to do this in Inventor 2018.

You can download a 30 day trial of Swift Prints from the Autodesk App Store.

Swift Prints allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Autodesk® Inventor® drawings.


Also, Design Notes has been updated as well.

Design Notes is a history based note editor for all types of Autodesk® Inventor® files. Design Notes adds the ability to tag notes to a file without the overhead of maintaining another database.

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Follow me on Twitter

I know my posts have been short but my thoughts are still long. You can find them all by following me on Twitter at @cadtoolbox. Hope to see you there!

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