A better Vault backup script

I posted to the Autodesk Vault Forum a different way to manage your Vault backup folders through your Vault backup script.

The script uses the default folder names that the normal backup method uses which includes the date and time of the backup. What the script does is remove the oldest folder in your parent backup folder and saves the number of backups you specify in the script. You don’t have to rename folders to accomplish this using this script.

{BackupFolder} : Set to your Vault backup location (3 locations in the script)

{Username} : Set to the Vault username

{Password} : Set to the Vault users password

skip=2 : This is set to save 3 backups. The 2 in the folder and the backup that will run with the script. Set this to at least 1.


REM ---- Vault Daily Backup ----

    setlocal enableextensions disabledelayedexpansion

    pushd "{BackupFolder}" && (
        for /f "skip=2 delims=" %%a in (
            'dir /b /ad /tc /o-d'
        ) do rmdir /s /q "%%~fa"

REM -- Backup Vault ---

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ADMS Professional 2019\ADMS Console\Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe" -Obackup -B"{BackUpFolder}" -VU"{Username}" -VP"{Password}" -DBSC -S -L"{BackUpFolder}\Vault_Backup_Log.txt"


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CAD Blog Watch

Are you on Twitter? Do you like reading up on everything CAD related? If your answers were hashtag yes.

Follow @CADBlogWatch where 38 different CAD blogs from all over the globe are curated into a single Twitter account and tweeted for your clicking enjoyment.

Save time, same clicks… follow CADBlogWatch. Enjoy!



If you own a blog and want to be included… just tweet the account. 

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Autodesk University 2018 – See you there!

My 11 year AU hiatus is finally coming to an end with my appearance at AU 2018 this year and I can’t be more excited. This will be my 5th AU but I haven’t been in attendance since 2007. My CAD career diverted to more non-CAD software roles the last decade but have recently returned to the world of Autodesk software in the last 6 months with a new role as CAD Systems Administrator.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you that I have stayed connected with over the years through this blog and social media and am excited for all the planned classes and events.

My advice to all of you in CAD careers now…

Even when your careers divert and you separate yourself from the CAD tools you know and love, always keep your skills sharp and knowledge current. You never know when you might decide you miss it and want to return.

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Swift Prints for Inventor – Update Coming Soon

If you’re currently using Swift Prints for Inventor an update is coming soon for improved compatibility with Inventor 2019 as well as for non-English users. 

Look for the update soon on the Autodesk App Store.

Are you not yet using Swift Prints to print from Inventor? Read the reviews and maybe they will convince you that you’re currently doing printing all wrong.

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