What an exciting time for CAD!

2015 has already been an exciting time for CAD and other nerdy related things. Autodesk has officially released AutoCAD and Inventor 2016 which are as usual, chocked full of new features. Inventor 2016 has a new text editor and updated presentation environments which were two of the areas of Inventor almost untouched since Inventor was first released. 2016 also allows you to work more efficiently with other CAD file formats, always a much needed area for improvement with the rapidly changing landscape of CAD software. Check out the full description of what’s new in Inventor on the Design & Motion blog.

In other news, GrabCAD rocked the market again by announcing their flagship Workbench was now free for all. This certainly garnered quite a bit of excitement from anyone looking for an easy way to hit the ground running on a simple way to collaborate.

Develop3D magazine wrapped up another Develop3D live with John Hirschtick (OnShape) and Carl Bass (Fusion360) going head to head discussing their competing CAD in the cloud platforms.

Speaking of CAD in the cloud… OnShape officially launched its beta and Fusion360 is adding new features at feverish pace.

So much that’s new and changing, so little time to write about all of it. What excites you? Find me on Twitter @cadtoolbox and let me know.




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Random Idea: Dropbox replace your postal mail

Just a random weekend idea. I get a bunch of postal mail every week. Health insurance statements, utility bills, etc, etc. There already is services to change to paperless billing but what about everything else? Why can’t we just have a web service where we enter our home address into and if a company needs to mail us something they see if there is a match already and a PDF version is sent to use. No sign-up required per company.

I’m sure there is someone with the time and resources out there that can make this happen. Anyone else like the idea?



















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GrabCAD Workbench is now Free!

Today we’re happy to announce that GrabCAD Workbench is now free for all users. Beginning immediately (that means right now), engineering teams of all sizes can share and manage CAD files effortlessly.

Today, GrabCAD announced that Workbench will be free for everyone.  This is really exciting news for the PDM world and is sure to raise the bar and put some pressure on other companies offerings.

This announcement blows the doors open for anyone looking for a simplistic web based solution for managing and sharing their engineering data.

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How do you define PLM?


  1. In industry, product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products.

How does your company define PLM? Do you have a home brewed solution of Excel files and processes? Do you have a custom web application? Do you use an enterprise solution like PLM360 or Siemens PLM?

I would love to hear from you. You can comment on this post, find me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


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