Swift Prints 2.0 (b1) – Now Available for Download!

As previewed in this post, the latest version of ‘Swift Prints’ for Inventor is now available for download. If you are not familiar with Swift Prints, it allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Inventor drawings. This is still considered a “beta” version, so in some rare cases you may run into installation issues or other bugs. Please, please, please… send me feedback so I can make improvements and work out the bugs.

You can download Swift Prints from the CAD tools page here. Thanks to all of you have help test this version. Enjoy!

[notice]Update: Beta 2 is now available. Thanks for all the feedback.[/notice]


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Inventor and ASME Y14.5-1994

Going through a GD&T refresher course this week and one function of Inventor stuck out as being not possible to be compliant with ASME Y14.-1994 practices without manual editing. The application of a datum identifier, tagged to a feature control frame requires the triangle to be visible per the standard. Using the datum identifier check-box within Inventor from within the feature control frame edit dialog will apply the datum identifier to the feature control frame as an attached box with no triangle attachment. It seems like there should be an option within your style settings to change this to comply with the ASME standard. The only method to show this properly is to manually attach a datum identifier to the feature control frame as shown on the right side of the image below.

Any thoughts?

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Swift Prints 2.0 – Preview 2

As I discussed in this post, the next update to ‘Swift Prints’ is almost ready to share. Version 2 adds several new requested features and updates the behind the scenes code to be more robust.

When creating new printer configurations for use within the application you will now have the option to update a custom iProperty of your choice with the current date. This iProperty can be embedded anywhere within your drawings title block or border. The printed drawing will then show the date it was printed.

Another new option is to save and close the drawing automatically after the print is complete. This saves you a few mouse clicks if you have several drawings open you want to print in sequence.

The last new feature is an import/export function. This allows you to save your stored printer configurations out to an XML file. This can then be shared with your co-workers to quickly create the stored configurations within their instance of  Swift Prints.

Swift Prints will run on Inventor 2008 or higher, both 32 and 64 bit installations. Windows XP and Windows 7. More information will be posted soon as to it’s availability. You can also follow me on Twitter @cadtoolbox.


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Quick Tip: Inventor Parameters

Here’s a quick tip for complicated models. Sometimes it can get confusing as to what parameters belong to what model features. You can always hover over the parameter name from within the parameters dialog to see which feature consumes the value. Of course, it’s always a good idea to name key parameters something besides the default d0, d1, d2, etc.

Another method is to link your model features to your model parameters using a naming scheme for the actual parameter names or comment fields. I prefer to add some information to the comment field that links back to the actual model feature. This is extremely helpful for very large, complex models that you need to retain the modeling technique fully in order to be able to modify designs later. In the example below, the tool seat feature is coded with #02 and the child parameters contain the #02 in the comment field. With this method, you have a very quick way to see which parameters drive which features.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view

Was this tip useful? Maybe you use a different method for complex models? Post your tip to the comments or send me a Tweet @cadtoolbox.

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