Vault not available in Inventor?

If I had a nickel for every time I had to troubleshoot the issue of Vault not being available within Inventor I would have at least a few dollars to buy lunch. So if you want to save yourself a nickel, try these steps first:

  • Make sure you have a project file active in Inventor that is a Vault type project file: This is overlooked much of the time. Even if you know what you’re doing, sometimes Inventor can magically switch project files to a default, non Vault type project file.
  • Check your loaded add-ins, make sure Vault is loaded and started: A common bug in Inventor appearing in Inventor 2011, the Vault add-in does not load 100% of the time on first launch of Inventor.
  • Make sure you are logged into the Vault: Remember, logging into Vault explorer does not log you into Vault from within Inventor.

Follow this quick checklist and you may just be $0.05 richer.”]


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Are you fed up with Facebook? Tired of Twitter? Still moping about MySpace? Well then join the CAD party on Google+! If you haven’t heard about Google+ yet, it’s Google’s answer to Facebook. A rebirth of the defunct Google Wave project, Google+ features several cool features that makes it stand out from the current social networking website choices.

Google+ allows you to create circles of people you know. You can then share status updates, photos and videos with these circles separately or to the entire public. This allows you to adopt Google+ for your work connections as well as your personal circle of friends and share different types of information with them separately.

Google+ also has a feature called Hangouts, where you can create a place to enable your webcam and have face to face chats with anyone who drops in or who you invite.

If you’re not on Google+ yet and need an invite (it’s still in limited testing), send me a note with your email address and I’ll send you an invite. See you in the hangout!

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Rest in peace Dennis Jeffrey

The Inventor community has lost one of our mentors. Rest in peace Dennis Jeffrey, you will be missed.


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Swift Prints 2.0 (b1) – Now Available for Download!

As previewed in this post, the latest version of ‘Swift Prints’ for Inventor is now available for download. If you are not familiar with Swift Prints, it allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Inventor drawings. This is still considered a “beta” version, so in some rare cases you may run into installation issues or other bugs. Please, please, please… send me feedback so I can make improvements and work out the bugs.

You can download Swift Prints from the CAD tools page here. Thanks to all of you have help test this version. Enjoy!

[notice]Update: Beta 2 is now available. Thanks for all the feedback.[/notice]


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