“Design Notes” for Inventor 2013

Now available in the Autodesk Exchange Apps store, ‘Design Notes‘ v2.7 for Inventor 2013.

Design Notes is a history based note editor for all types of Inventor files. This application adds the ability to tag notes to a file without the overhead of maintaining another database.

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Swift Prints Version 2.2 Coming Soon

A new version of Swift Prints for Inventor is coming soon to the Autodesk Exchange Apps store. This version fixes a few stray bugs and improves the method paper size selection is accomplished. A new set of paper sizes have been added to the list of available paper sizes from the selected printer that bypasses the sometimes complex method printer paper sizes are configured.


You can now select the ‘Swift Print’ type paper sizes for improved printing to your local or network printer or plotter.
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Bob the Builder meets Autodesk Inventor

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SkyDrive + AutoCAD WS (a marriage made in the clouds)

Microsoft released a new desktop application for Windows and Mac that can be used to sync a local folder to your SkyDrive account. Similar to how Dropbox works, the folder stays synchronized with SkyDrive and all changes (additions, modifications and deletions) appear in very close to real time on your desktop, web and phone.

The best part is that Microsoft is offering existing SkyDrive users a limited time chance to upgrade their account to 25GB of free storage.You can add an additional 20GB of storage for $10/year, 50GB for $25/year or 100GB for $100/year. This is very competitively priced with similar cloud storage solutions.

The iPhone SkyDrive app is smart enough to be able to open DWF’s or DWG’s you have added to SkyDrive with AutoCAD WS. This is a very slick feature with being able to sync a local folder to AutoCAD WS in the cloud.

The desktop SkyDrive app also allows you to choose the folder you want to sync. So in reality, you can pick your dropbox folder and keep everything nicely synchronized across both cloud applications.



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