Tip: Swift Prints – Keyboard Shortcut Printing

Here’s a good tip from Nick Ely at Process Development & Fabrication Inc. in regards to keyboard shortcut printing with Swift Prints

In the customize window I assigned the keystroke CTRL-ALT-P which will launch the Swift print window, then you can press the corresponding letter to the saved print name, then press TAB then Enter. I programmed the macro into my gaming keyboard, and now I have 1 button printing.

Nick also gave some great feedback on Swift Prints:

Works great and easy to setup. I will be buying some more seats now that I see how well it works. I really like the ability to export and import saved config’s. Saves me from having to setup everyone’s computer around here.

Thanks Nick for the great tip!

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Project: Tree House (Post #1)

I’ve always had a dream of creating a really awesome tree house for my kids. Well, it’s time I turn that dream into a reality. I certainly have other more important projects I need to get done around the house, but come on… this one will be much more fun.

I’ll be blogging my progress with the design using Autodesk Inventor as well as the actual construction. I’m also going to try using my Kindle Fire with AutoCAD WS to review the plans as I build. (a paperless build). We’ll see how that goes.

So the first thing to discuss is location of the tree house and how it affected my choice for the design. Last year I had a plan on building it attached to two very tall Sweet Gum trees in the backyard. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene had other plans for these trees and damaged them so bad they had to come down.

Now being without any decent trees to use, I decided on a tree-less tree house. Living less than 1/4 mile (.4 KM) from the intercoastal waterway and living in North Carolina, a prime hurricane zone. I’ve decided that building a tree house attached to any kind of tree may not be the smartest decision.

So this tree house will be elevated using 4, 6X6 treated posts sunk into the ground with concrete. Building it directly adjacent to a 40′ tall Sweet Gum with overhanging branches will still give the feel of being built within a tree without actually being attached to the tree. This also eliminates any complicated tree growth and sway design issues.

The tree adjacent

Here’s an image of what the design in Inventor looks like currently. In my next blog post, I’ll being reviewing the actual design details. Thanks for following my project. It certainly will be a fun summer project for me (and maybe the kids too).


Work in progress



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“Design Notes” for Inventor 2013

Now available in the Autodesk Exchange Apps store, ‘Design Notes‘ v2.7 for Inventor 2013.

Design Notes is a history based note editor for all types of Inventor files. This application adds the ability to tag notes to a file without the overhead of maintaining another database.

[ Download | Support Forum ]
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Swift Prints Version 2.2 Coming Soon

A new version of Swift Prints for Inventor is coming soon to the Autodesk Exchange Apps store. This version fixes a few stray bugs and improves the method paper size selection is accomplished. A new set of paper sizes have been added to the list of available paper sizes from the selected printer that bypasses the sometimes complex method printer paper sizes are configured.


You can now select the ‘Swift Print’ type paper sizes for improved printing to your local or network printer or plotter.
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