AUGI wishlist… I wish I may I wish I might

I’m still not happy with the whole AUGI wishlist process. I know I can volunteer to help, but some things are just too much out of control to try and tackle. My answer, was to create my own wishlist system which is based on Twitter. Yes, I know it’s not perfect either and I haven’t quite figured out the perfect way to process the received wishes. I’m going to work on a better system for input and handling the wishes… but we’ll see. I’ve promised lots before and I only have so much time in the day. 🙂


A wish granted can not be granted until it is truly granted…

An AUGI member has reported that this wish has been granted and appears in the software. An administrator will review it promptly.

Wish ID: #411333

Wish Title: Attach Text, Symbols to View

Status: Hall of Fame Pending

Product: Inventor

Feature: Drawing Manager

Edited By: ******* on Fri, 12 Oct 2012

Summary: Be abl to attach text, symbols, etc to views without creating sketch

Description:  Ability to attach text, symbols or any other annotation to a view without creating a sketch.

Product and Feature: Inventor – Drawing Manager

Submitted By: Thomas Rambach on 09/13/2006

Granted Reason: Use a leader with the symbol or text first then delete the leader. I know, the workflow is not obvious.

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Buy Swift Prints & Get Design Notes Free

As an appreciation to all of my loyal followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and to those of you who visit regularly I am going to be giving away a license of Design Notes for Inventor 2013 with every purchase of Swift Prints now through the end of October.

Buy from the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store and I’ll email you the link to download Design Notes for free.

[notice]Offer has now expired.[/notice]

Hurry, hurry!


Swift Prints allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Inventor drawings.

Design Notes is a history based note editor for all types of Inventor files. This application adds the ability to tag notes to a file without the overhead of maintaining another database.

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Autodesk Exchange Apps

The Autodesk Exchange Apps store has been live for quite a few months now and I have answered this same question dozens of times already… so I thought I should blog about it and see if I can get Autodesk to pass this information along to the general public.

It’s very important to understand that when you purchase any add-in from the store that it is only going to be compatible with a 2013 version of Autodesk software (Inventor, AutoCAD, etc). This doesn’t necessarily mean the add-in application was specifically written for 2013, it simply has to do with the method Autodesk packages the add-in for addition into the Exchange store and how the resulting package is installed on your system.

Be sure to check the “Compatible with” information listed under the add-ins download details before making a purchase.

For those of you who have purchased any add-ins from the Exchange Apps store and are still only running 2012 or 2011… fear not. I have sent you all a link to download the legacy version if you have emailed me.

…and who says engineers don’t like to read instructions? 😉

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Autodesk Labs: Project Factory.Modz()

From Autodesk Labs, Project Factory.Modz() is an add-in that brings physics based animation to Autodesk Factory Design Suite.

This looks really cool to be able to simulate the flow of your product throughout your factory with the ability to Tinker Box up your factory. If anyone has tried this tool out, please post a comment on what your opinion is of it.

Traditionally machine line layouts in a factory are created with pen and paper or in the form of 2D drawings. Using these means, it is extremely difficult to explain the working intent of the machine lines toclients or internal stakeholders. Using 2D workflows, it is very challenging to account for movement of material, people, and material handling devices and show them interacting with each other inside the facility. The inability to clearly articulate the working intent often results in losing bids to competition and the inability to sell ideas to stakeholders.

Project Factory.Modz() is a free Physics Based technology preview for Factory Animation that enables you to bring your machine line layouts to life and clearly articulate the working intent of the layout to your clients and stakeholders. It helps you to visually communicate your ideas by animating the movement of material and people inside your facility. It is easy to use, does not require CAD expertise, and you can be up and running creating your first animation in less than 5 minutes.

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