Updated: AUGI adds membership levels

AUGI is introducing three new membership levels to be able to bring more benefits to its members.

Each level will bring you more content and expertise to share with fellow members, plus provide an expanded, more interactive website, publication access, and much more!

The free membership will now be known as “basic membership” with continued access to the AUGI forums. if you wish to post to the forums, you will need to be at least a basic member but read only access will be available   to everyone even without being an AUGI member.

[important]David Harrington (AUGI):

“Correct, and to a large degree no change from the previous free membership.”[/important]

Premier membership at $25/year will include all the benefits basic members receive with the addition of access to an expanded site archive and early access to some publications. “This level is really designed for users who may still use older products and want access to historic AUGI hosted content.”

[important]David Harrington (AUGI):

“Correct, but the Premier membership also includes additional forum features. Active forum members from prior to the roll out have not lost any forum features – we “grandfathered” nearly 50,000 members into this group.”[/important]

Professional membership at $75/year for a limited time ($100/year normally  expands upon the other two membership levels by including a print edition of AUGI World magazine and an opportunity to receive a standard Autodesk Developer Network membership (ADN). Normally, an ADN membership is $1,400/year so this a very good deal.

[ Upgrade Information ]

When I first read this email from AUGI, I was skeptical. If it wasn’t for the addition of the included ADN membership with the professional membership I would have no reason to subscribe to any of these paid membership levels. But reading further into the fine print… I still am skeptical  The free ADN membership is only offered to those not already an ADN member and is only a trial membership for 2013. Most likely meaning you will need to purchase an ADN membership ($1400/year) for 2014.

[important]David Harrington (AUGI):

“Correct. What 2014 will hold for AUGI members will depend on how this promotion is used by the membership. Suffice to say we are actively looking for additional benefits at all membership levels, such as discounts on training, services, and hardware. We are striving to make the $100 dues for Professional membership a “no-brainer” for those considering it.”[/important]

This is a free trial ADN membership at the Standard level for 2013.  Your ADN Membership will start on or after January 1, 2013 and terminates on Dec. 31, 2013.

I do feel that AUGI provides valuable services to its members through the forums and publications which has been free since 2001. Now that AUGI is trying to restrict some content to paid members, my initial thoughts are that people are going to simply go elsewhere to get the information they want. There is plenty of other forums, blogs, websites and publications that offer free content that would be more than willing to fill in for what AUGI is trying to charge for.

[important]David Harrington (AUGI):

“This is subjective. We believe we offer a great community and have enough membership to support both a large volume of free members who will have access to same benefits and services. For example, we are not charging for the magazine – it is still free. We are simply adding a paper version to those members who want it.”[/important]

Only time will tell as to how this will pan out for AUGI, I look forward to hearing the comments from current AUGI members as to how they feel about this change. If you want to tell me what you think, please comment on this article or you can post to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter (use hashtag #AUGImemberships)


[important]David Harrington (AUGI):

“Correct. But to our surprise we are actually seeing more members opt for the Professional level than Premier than originally estimated. The cost is simply a non-issue for those inclined to want everything AUGI has to offer (and will offer in the future). If we get 1% of the membership at any higher level, then that represents a sizable revenue stream that ultimately will benefit all AUGI members worldwide. And that 1% will get more access, more recognition, and more benefits going forward for their investment in their organization.

Regarding the past history, under NAAUG (North American Autodesk User Group), membership dues were $35/year. For that the member received a quarterly newsletter of about 32 pages, a CD of LISP routines (much like AutoCAD Bonus Tools), and a T-shirt. I think we can do better (we didn’t have forums either).”




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Google+ for Autodesk Inventor Users

Google has just today introduced communities for Google+ users. Basically a place for users of a similar interest to have discussions.

Google+ Communities can be open to anyone on the network, but they can be private if you wish, so members have the opportunity to share photos, forum posts, and even add Hangouts and Events without worrying about that content being available to anyone and everyone on the web.

– Engadget

Being the person I am to try just about anything once, have created a community for us fellow Autodesk Inventor users to hang out. The new home for Inventor on Google+ is here:


Note that the URL address does not contain the community name and I already tested the fact that you can create multiple communities on Google+ with the same name. So their may be many Inventor communities at some point… but at least I’ll always know that this one was first.

We’ll see how it grows and what it may evolve into. I already have a presence on Google+ through my personal profile, CADToolbox.com and the Cape Fear Inventor Users Group. You can also find me on Twitter (@cadtoolbox) and on Facebook.


Let me know what you think. Post a comment below or visit one of the sites above to track me down.



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AU Day 2

#AU2011 was all about Autodesk Cloud. #AU2012 is making that cloud less cloudy with Autodesk’s 360 vision.

Live from AU | Autodesk 360 | Source



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Autodesk University 2012

It’s here! AU 2012

AU Home | Follow on Twitter

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