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Quick Tip: Adding a new Content Center Library

Sometimes it’s those features of Inventor that have been around for years and years that always get some people stuck or confused as to what to do next. Here’s a quick tip for all of those CAD managers out there that have spent a lot of time creating a new Vault based Content Center library for their users but can’t quite get everyone to see the library from within Inventor.

After you create your new Content Center library, don’t forget to edit the Inventor project file that everyone uses by adding the new library. This is the only way Inventor will recognize the new content.

Add Content Center

Click the “Configure Content Center Libraries” button from within your Inventor project file editor. Find the new library and click the checkbox to add it. You can then check your project file back into the Vault and inform your users to get the latest version in order to enable your new library.

[important]As a side note, any libraries listed in the editor highlighted in red and marked “not available” are listed within the project file but have not been added to your Content Center libraries in Vault. You’ll need to install these if you wish to use them.[/important]

How many of you use the Content Center? Do you use it with Vault or local libraries? I would love to hear from you. Comment here or find me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


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Confessions of a CAD User

I couldn’t help it… these texts from my real good friend who just started a new job using “another” CAD software are hilarious. Just read for your amusement. Who can guess what CAD software he is using?


Nailed it. U have to be a gd programmer to use it. Do u want to change the background color? Options, system colors, color schemes, dark background, select… But wait, that only saves for current session, if u want **** to save that option everytime u open it, u have to create a system color file in the configurator editor, then add a configuration file for background color and point it to the color file, then export your config file to your file.. *****, i got lost and just realized im not sure this is right, but he showed me how to do it, and he thinks this is awesome. Cause if we upgrade, or go to different job, u can take ur config file with u! Isnt that awesome!

This next line is perfect…

I love how ppl that have only used 1 cad program try to sell u on how its the best one ever.

Oh, i said, this is not intuitive, and he said, it is if u have been doing it for a long time, and i said, thats not what intuitive means, thats experience.

I have been reading instructions he wrote on how to put stuff into windchill, the drawing management system, and my head hurts. I struggled w solidworks too at first. Ill get this eventually, or get fired, but starting over sucks. I’m working on stuff designed and built in germany, some of the software has been translated, but im using a german keyboard…, y and z r swapped, and delete is enft or sonething, and some of the buttons are ja and nein, instead of yes and no. So been a rough 2, weeks for this hillbilly dumbass.

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GrabCAD Workbench Wrapup

GrabCAD Blog:
New Workbench features and desktop app. Make CAD file management easy

Design & Motion:
GrabCAD Workbench just got a lot smarter…

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GrabCAD update: the master plan starts to become clear

GrabCAD Further Fosters Engineering Collaboration with Workbench File Management Expansion

GrabCAD CPD wants to disrupt CAD file management
GrabCAD Workbench Dominates Data Management
GrabCAD Workbench now with desktop synch

Read what other’s are saying on Twitter.


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