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Follow @CADBlogWatch

If you’re on Twitter, the hashtag #CADBlogWatch is now its own account and can be followed at @CADBlogWatch to be notified of new blog posts on all your favorite CAD Blogs. There are over 34 blogs currently being indexed and more being added every day.      

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#CADBlogWatch in DVR Mode

If you’re on Twitter and follow me at @cadtoolbox you’ve probably seen my #CADBlogWatch posts.

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CAD Blog Watch

Just a quick post to tell you all about a new hashtag on Twitter I created #CADBlogWatch. This hashtag is basically a compilation of new blog post announcements from various CAD blogs I like to read.

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Are you fed up with Facebook? Tired of Twitter? Still moping about MySpace? Well then join the CAD party on Google+! If you haven’t heard about Google+ yet, it’s Google’s answer to Facebook. A rebirth of the defunct Google Wave project, Google+ features several cool features that makes it stand out from the current social …

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