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Autodesk Digital Prototyping 2012 Interviews with Rob Cohee

Autodesk Manufacturing Evangelist Rob Cohee introduces the Autodesk Digital Prototyping Portfolio for 2012, including the Autodesk Product Design Suite. Rob sits down with Buzz Kross, Sr. VP of Manufacturing and his team of Product Line Managers to talk about what’s new in the products.

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Autodesk 2012: Product Webcast

If you missed the Autodesk 2012 product media event webcast today, here’s a recap. Autodesk will be bundling their software into broader suites then they have before. In the past, you could have always expected Autodesk to include AutoCAD with Inventor as the Autodesk Inventor Suite which was later renamed the AutoCAD Inventor Suite. In …

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GrabCAD – What a Picnic!

Have I mentioned how much I like GrabCAD? Check out my picnic table assembly: This was modeled about 8 years ago and built twice since then. It still looks good after all these years.  

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Where’s the first place you go for Inventor support?

We all have our favorite place we go to get help with the latest Inventor feature or that tricky modeling problem. [poll id=”9″]

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